MAPSS is a comprehensive school review process that provides school and district leadership teams insight into the current behavior of adults within the school system.

MAPSS looks deeply into your school’s environment and listens closely to the voices of staff, students, and families, creating a clear vision of where your school is and where it’s headed.




The MAPSS report provides an objective view of the school and clarifies the need to make changes to improve school performance. Campus leadership can unify staff improvement planning efforts.


Our team surveys and interviews students, parents, and staff to paint a picture of current school perceptions. These findings create a triangulation of data sources that provide insights of the school environment.


Your campus will receive targeted feedback and recommendations from a team of experts. Each recommendation includes a list of resources to assist with implementing the change to your campus.

MAPSS provides a comprehensive set of data for your campus in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand report format that ignites discussion, sparks insights, and supports deep analysis leading to improved student outcomes.


MAPSS Process

The MAPSS process begins with assigning a team of educational experts to visit your campus. The team conducts interviews, classroom observations, studies data, and analyzes surveys. All these sources are then compiled into a personalized report regarding the current state of the school.

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We interview students, teachers, parents, principals, and district staff to provide multiple perspectives. All these different roles create a comprehensive picture of the learning environment.


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Our team visits all classrooms, collecting school-wide data on instruction, engagement and more. This section of the MAPSS report uses a language to describe instruction that is compatible with current teacher evaluation systems.

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The survey data provides a visual portrait of student and teacher perceptions. The survey results show practices broken down by content area and student populations.


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Documents & Data

Our team prepares for the campus visit by reviewing school-level data and documents. Our goal is to gain insight of possible factors that effect student performance.


MAPSS Benefits

Identify the effectiveness your school's current practices

Highlights key themes, areas of strength, and opportunities for growth for your specific campus

Gain guidance and resources that support improvement efforts at your school

View charts that compare student responses to teacher responses on specific school factors

Analyze the MAPSS report data to align and strengthen campus initiatives


Alignment with the Texas Continuous Improvement Process

To provide a thorough perspective of the current state of the school, MAPSS collects data utilizing the Texas Continuous Improvement Framework. This framework recognizes the importance of a systemic approach to improvement. The MAPSS report emphasizes the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of the framework. Succeeding at these seven critical success factors help campuses create sustainable improvements.

The MAPSS report includes separate sections for each of the Critical Success Factors. The report also has a section about campus-wide support systems.


MAPSS Sample Report

The MAPSS report provides an objective view of instruction, climate, and school perceptions. The report can unify staff efforts to improve school performance. The report includes a comprehensive review of school and district state data. The team reviews this data and the information collected from the one-day visit. From these varied sources, the team is able to dig deeply into factors known to be critical to school success.

Changing adult behaviors to improve student outcomes requires actions based on data. The MAPSS report will bring you the data you need. Download a sample report to view examples of the actionable data provided by a MAPSS visit.

Condensed Sample Report