MAPSS looks deeply into your school’s environment, and listens closely to the voices of staff, students and families, creating a clear vision of where your school is and where it’s headed.


MAPSS Provides

A comprehensive campus review process designed to effectively inform improvement, strengthen strategic planning efforts, and stimulate sustainable change.

Real time observations of your current school environment and insights from the voices of your own staff, students, and families.

A straight forward, user-friendly report generated from a team of educational experts.


MAPSS Process

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We gather perceptual data from multiple perspectives, interviews are conducted with a full range of stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, counselors, and administrators.


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Our team visits all classrooms for 15 minutes each collecting data regarding instructional strategies, engagement, learning opportunities and classroom climate.

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Survey data is collected to provide a visual portrait of the overlapping viewpoints of students, teachers, and parents regarding school initiatives and practices.


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Documents & Data

School level data and documents are reviewed to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the make-up of the school environment.


MAPSS Benefits

A comprehensive scan of the school environment with targeted feedback and prioritized areas for action organized around the Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Support Systems found within the Texas Continuous Improvement Framework and aligned with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Turnaround Principles.

Data that identifies and provides an enriched understanding of current school practices as collected through survey, interview, and observational protocols.

Guidance in identifying resources that support the unique improvement efforts of the school.


Alignment with the Texas Continuous Improvement Process

The Texas Continuous Improvement Framework is a research-based approach to school improvement that engages the district and school in the improvement process. The framework outlines five systemic components regarding district level commitments, four support system components for implementation at both the district and campus levels, and seven factors known to be critical to school success. These Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are aligned with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Turnaround Principles to provide a thorough perspective of the current state of the school, MAPSS collects data regarding each Critical Success Factor (CSF)/ESEA Turnaround Principal and the Support Systems.

The report includes seven separate sections for each of the CSFs/ ESEA Turnaround Principles, and one section dedicated to the four Support Systems: Organizational Structure, Processes/Procedures, Communications, and Capacity and Resources.


MAPSS Sample Report

The MAPSS Report synthesizes a thoughtful and comprehensive review of school and district data provided through our Data Navigator system and other resources, as well as information collected through surveys, interviews, and the on-site visit. These findings create a triangulation of data sources, providing valuable insight into underlying conditions that affect student success.

Download a sample report to view examples of the actionable data provided by a MAPSS visit.

Condensed Sample Report


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